AURES LONDON - 21.10.2018

Two sound artists, four contemporary dancers, a performance artist, a visual artist and 30 witnessing participants come together to portrait the inner workings of the human body.

Performance Review by Agata Kik [Clot Magazine]

The Artists
Concept, Direction and Sound Design: Christian Duka
Sound Design: Jose Macabra
Performance: Elissavet Sfyri - "Nociception"
Choreography: Rebecca Evans [Pell Ensemble]
In collaboration with dancers: Ingvild Marstein Olsen,
Jasmine Chiu, Antony Daly Luna & Ripp Greatbatch.
Graphic Design, Lighting and Visuals: Marco Maldarella
Advising: Sundip Aujla

Ph. Felix Xifel