Amoenus is a non-profit art organisation that facilitates, educates, curates, and promotes immersive art centred around 3D sound. 

The organisation supports the development of artforms that blur the boundaries between artists and audiences, where the space used for artistic expression coincides with the space used to witness it.

Amoenus wishes to introduce a change in the way in which art is consumed today: departing from the traditional one-sided mode of artistic consumption, it welcomes its audience in the middle of creative expression.

London, United Kingdom



The organisation provides immersive audio facilities and curates events in collaboration with local artists, organisations and venues.

In its pilot series in 2019, more than 15 artists have been provided with tuition and rehearsal time to experiment with immersive audio technologies. Their artistic exploration has been presented in public curated events.
Past Events

  • Blindfolded sonic experiences in 3D sound
  • Experimental live music performances in 3D sound
  • Total works of arts combining 3D sound, immersive dance and performance art and audience participation
  • Immersive audiovisual experiences

The Model

The organisation’s operational model is based on a strong ethos of inclusion, circular economy, sustainability and fairness. Amoenus works primarily with charity and non-profit organisations to set up and manage its pop-up performance spaces, prioritising creative hubs and recycled buildings & infrastructures.  

The organisation serves as a nexus between funding bodies and independent makers & creatives, distributing the totality of its income to those involved in the creative process.

The events organised by Amoenus are a melting pot of social groups. The curatorial targets local communities, disenfranchised and vulnerable social groups as well as those already engaged with the arts.

The core operational team of the organisation comprises specialists in the realm of experimental arts, curation, education, sound design and engineering.

Amoenus welcomes new partners and collaborators in the making process of its event depending on the demands of each performance.

Ben Vince  - Edited Arts: FUTURESHOOK - Aures London, 2019 

How we use our funds

The organisation invests the totality of its income on the following activities.

  • Setting up and management of customised, tourable immersive audio installations.
  • Curatorial take overs of single events and event series in collaboration with artists and local artistic organisations in venues across the UK
  • Curation of special events and sessions with vulnerable groups and disenfranchised communities.
  • Research & development. Amoenus offers its space, technologies and expertise to artists willing to experiment new ways of creating immersive art.

  • Promotional campaigns with inclusion at heart. It is in the aim of the company to keep ticket costs relatively low and provide subsidised tickets to vulnerable social groups and key workers.
  • Documentation & streaming of public events produced in 2D and 3D, with the aim to share these to online audiences for free.
  • Tuition surrounding the field of immersive sound in the form of workshops, targeting artists from various disciplines to promote the advancement of immersive artistic practices and facilitate cross pollination/experimentation across art-forms.
  • Provision of technical support to artists/performers participating in all events/residencies organised by Amoenus.
  • Any other activity relating directly to the advancement and promotion of immersive art

13.4 Immersive Sound System

Amoenus has put together a team of specialists to build its very own 3D sound system designed for spatial audio use. Read more.

Immersive Audio Technology

Amoenus is beta-tester of Auditif, a 3D audio spatialisation software, controller app and M4L Device.            
The sofware uses novel interaction and control techniques together with Ambisonics technology to create a three-dimensional sound field through a system of speakers or in binaural (through headphones).

Any sound sources can be positioned, "sculpted", in the space and their trajectory controlled through an innovative approach that resembles commonly used tools for electronic music composition. The sonic sculpture can be performed in real-time through Auditif touch-based controller app.


Research & Technologies

Amoenus promotes artistic research and development in various areas in the field of immersive art.

  • 3D and Embodied Sound
  • Sound and movement interaction
  • Sound, image and light interaction
  • Audience participation
  • Site-specific immersive design

Motion Sensing Technology

Amoenus is exploring the use of wearable sensors to integrate motion sensors with 3D sound. The current research is exploring the use of smart rings, watches and textiles to allow dancers and audiences alike to sculpt sound in space through body movement. 

Haptic Techonlogy

Amoenus is interested to investigate the embodied perception of sound to add extra level of immersion in the sonic experience. The organisation collaborates with SUBPAC, a producer of wearable vibrotactile transducers capable of translating sound into vibrations felt in the body. The organisation is especially interested in how this technology can be used to involve hearing impaired audiences more.
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