AURES LONDON - 03.03.2019

Futureshook explores the ways in which modern technologies have affected the way we act, create and consume, from the reimagining of turntablism to combining acoustic with electronic instruments and exploring the use of digital audio technology to re-establish personal connections.

Ash Koosha, Shiva Feshareki, Ben Vince & Lucinda Chua and MARMO performed bespoke live sets, pushing the boundaries of Aures London’s unparalleled 50-speakers 3D sound system.

The event was curated in collaboration with Edited Arts, an artist-led organisation that specialises in themed events and supports emerging experimental artists


Shiva sliceed apart her debut album NEW FORMS in a one-off performance, deconstructing and manipulating her work using cutting-edge turntabling techniques.

Winner of the 2017 BASCA British Composer Award for Innovation, Shiva is an experimental classical composer, radio presenter and turntablist of British-Iranian heritage. Shiva has performed with her turntables at the BBC Proms, Montreal’s Mutek, Printworks London and Tate Modern. It is a pleasure to welcome her for this intimate show.


Iranian-born, London-based electronic musician Ash Koosha - virtual reality pioneer, software humanist, former rock musician and student of classical music - engaged in a live composition of electronic and foley sounds using software and optimised recorded libraries.

Ash makes “mind-bending electronic music” (Pitchfork), which has resonated globally in the last few years. He has performed his audio-visual sets around the world at likes of Form, MoMA PS1, ReWire, TEDX, Boiler Room, Dommune and the ICA in London, to name but a few.

Ben Vince & Lucinda Chua

Both established artists in their own right. Ben and Lucinda came together for the second time in a highly emotional performance. Free flowing melodies and textures governed their duo performance, letting individual sounds move and coalesce in a 3D environment. The interplay of motifs from both the acoustic and the moving sound sources created a rich and evolving tapestry with the vast range of the cello and the live re-pitching/looping Vince's performance is known for.

Ben Vince is a prolific saxophonist and composer who radically redefines the possibilities of the saxophone. Recent collaborations with Joy O on Hessle Audio and Mica Levi have seen him broaden his horizons further, as he moves (in his own words) from ‘creator to vector, being bounced off by different forces’. Lucinda Chua is a cellist and singer-songwriter. Her ongoing Strings Mixtape series has circulated via Dazed and NTS. As cellist she is a member of FKA Twigs’ live band, and toured widely with Stars of the Lid. "Literally sensational: tactile and close like warm breath against your neck" (Pitchfork).


For the second time in a 3D sound environment, MARMO engageed in a 4-hands free-flow improvisation, sculpting surreal soundscapes in a stream of consciousness of drones, noises and voices.

MARMO is a long-distance musical relationship between Christian Duka and Marco Maldarella. Christian is a London based sound artist/designer and interdisciplinary art director. Past works have seen him designing immersive experiences at MONOM 4D Sound in Berlin and Aures London. Marco Maldarella works extensively on the combination of sound and image to maximise the emotional impact in the spectators. The duo relies on improvisation to create journeys of mixed feelings - sonic transcript of communications on the emotional narratives behind each respective lives, discussing joys, pains, ecstasy, chaos and love through noises, voices and cathartic soundscaping.


Ph. Ellie Todds