IKLECTIK - November 2020

In November 2020, Amoenus will temporarily install its new custom built 13.4 sound system (currently under construction) at London’s experimental art venue IKLECTIK for research and development.

The organisation will host four research project involving 3D sound, sound & movement interaction and embodied sound perception. The  participants will be given time and support to develop their research and will share  the result in a curated public showcase at IKLECTIK.





Electroacoustic music improviser and performer Avsluta (Lucie Štěpánkova) will
integrate 3D sound into her compositional/performative process following theoretical research on ecosystems, life-cycles & rhythms and inter/cross-species communication.

The audience members will be able to get a glimpse into a world co-created by the performer, the objects and the available technology. The aim is to challenge inherited hierarchical structures and defective socio-political beliefs and to illuminate the richness and sustainability of choices informed by kindness towards each other and our environment.

Lucie Stepankova (Avsluta) is an electro-acoustic composer and performer, DJ, and lecturer of improvisation and performative practices at the University of the Arts, London. Her practice is rooted in improvisation with objects, natural materials, field recordings, synthesis and digital processing with the aim to create performances and compositions interweaving reality and imagination. Lucie's main concerns are with listening as a creative practice, deep ecology and facilitating the audience's reconnection with emotions. She runs Introspective Electronics radio show on Netil Radio which doubles as a regular podcast and event series.